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Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - Race Reports
So, Tour of the Gila. It's my fourth time doing the race, the difference this year is that I'm on a different team, Kenda/5-hour Energy.

The race started with a bunch of attacking and eventually I got into a two man move with Paul Mach Blog enthusiast Adam Carr. We were out there for a while and had up to 7 minutes at some point.

Going through the feedzone I got a bunch of cheers from all sorts of different people. One women even congratulated me on Mikko. That's what makes domestic racing so awesome. Thank you.

Eventually we got caught and when I saw Ian Boswell he asked why I attacked. He said I should be sitting in and resting so I can take care of Sara and Mikko when I get home. It's a fair point.

At the end of the day I was award the Sprint Jersey. I'm happy with that and am glad to finally contribute to the team's many podium appearances so far this season.

Tomorrow is, well, another day.

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