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The Paul Mach Blog - The Madera road race was rough
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The Madera road race was rough
Monday, March 12, 2012 - Race Reports
Let's just say my race was over 1.5 hours in, but I had a 5-hour Energy at the start. That meant I spent the car ride home explaining every detail of the short race to my wife. She loves it when I do that.

Flatted on the rough section during the 3rd lap. Luckily my wife was parked before the finish, so I rolled over to her and started to pack it up. Then, all of a sudden, Mike Hernandez and Jonathan Eropkin, from the Masters 1/2/3 rolled up begging for a wheel. I thought they were off the back. I mean all Mike talks about on Facebook is getting crushed by his girlfriend on training rides, so....

Turns out they were off the front. I eventually gave them my front wheel and they ended up staying away. Good for them.

Other successes include Nate maintaining 2nd during the GC shakeup and Andy finished 6th.

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