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Reno is the only reason I need to party
Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - Race Reports
So, last Sunday, Tour de Nez. Basically a pretty hard criterium that was a kick in the pants. I hadn't done a race like that in at least a month and I've been off the NRC for over 2.

I'll be honest, it took me a while to remember how to corner with group and I made some tactical mistakes. But overall, it was good training, a fun race and there was money.

The one paragraph summary goes like this. I got into a few moves, but was on the edge. Eventually the group split up and there were about 10 guys off the front in 2 groups. With about 10 minutes to go they told us we'd sprint for places on the next lap. I was far back for some reason but moved up and finished about 10th in that group and 21st overall.

That was about when Jeremy Vennell's pregnant wife, Anita, started asking if they should, "Go get the boys some cold drinks." My wife responded with a quick, "Um, no, are you joking." She still has so much to learn.

After the hot, dry race my teammates needed some cold drinks because they were all getting drug tested!! It seemed like all the pros in the top 20 were selected.

I'm all for drug testing and I'm glad they were there testing so many riders, but it does suck for everyone when it takes 2 hours to produce a sample. To help motivate them I went to the Imperial and texted them photos of my pizza.

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