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So close, yet so far
Friday, May 20, 2011 - Race Reports
Stopped Alright, pretty tired right now. Long day, followed by a long day of transfers, followed by the hardest day tomorrow. I even got drug tested by the UCI. Good times. This picture is of the UCI chaperon stopping me immediately after the finish.

Yesterday's road stage was the longest ride I'd ever done, 137 miles. As for hardness, it was up there with Big Bear last year. It was shorter time wise, but there was no grupetto.

Today's ride in Solvang was pretty cool. I've seen the race on Tour Tracker a few times, but doing it was something else. Thanks for all the encouragement out there. It's always cool to hear your name called and it's even cooler when it's from all around the course. Thanks.

I just cruised because honestly, I had nothing to gain and hopefully the legs will come around in the next couple days.

Now off to bed. If the rapture does happen tomorrow, it better happen before we hit Mt. Baldy, for obvious reasons.

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