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Saturday, May 7, 2011 - Race Reports
So we finally made it to Arkansas. We did a couple of rides and limited the driving to only 8 hours per day so it took 3 days.

After a short little ride on Wednesday, we had the uphill TT on Thursday. I rolled in for 4th, behind 2 teammates (Ben and Jeremy) and Francisco Mancebo. I finally felt good and had a good ride.

Yesterday was a 110 mile road race. There was all sorts of attacking, at the start and on the climb near the finish.

I tried hard to get in the break, but the moves were all a bit touchy. With second, third and fourth on GC, you need to make sure the move will give you something better than that, and that's a tall order. A number of times I was yelled at for not pulling through. But come on, I can't pull around guys that are only few seconds behind me when there are so many bonus seconds at the finish.

Anyway, there will be much more of that today as there in another 105 mile road race on tap.

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