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Thursday, April 14, 2011 - Race Reports
This years Sea Otter Crit was a lot different than last year's. Basically, there were a lot more quality riders.

Thanks to a ride from Sam, I got to Laguna Seca a bit early. It's been a while since I'd been at a race 2 hours before the start and it was eye opening. I was surprised to find some riders already kitted up and see others asking their girlfriends to help them put on their skinsuits. All way to early. Or maybe I need to rethink my timeline.

So, the course was a hot dog with some crazy hooks at the ends. There was kind of a hill in the middle so it was always up and down. All these things contributed to a sprint finish. Big slow downs at the turns and downhills doomed every breakaway.

But it was an aggressive race and that was fun. I attacked a few times, but ended up somewhere out of contention. I "same timed" it but unfortunately this weekend is an omnium. So you get points based on place, not on time.

Anyway, tomorrow's road race will surely bring us more exciting bike racing.

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