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More dramas from Cascade
Friday, July 23, 2010 - Race Reports
It's been another few days here at the Cascade Cycling Classic. The wife is here and the weather is good.

Yesterday's TT was... not that great. Don't have much more to say about that. I just really need to learn how to time trial again.

Today featured the Cascade Lakes road races, the 84 mile one that finishes up at Mt. Bachelor. I felt a bit better than the previous days, so that was good. I covered a few moves, drank a bunch of water and went hard up the climb.

The big drama was the finish. They looped us around the Mt. Bachelor parking lot with cones. Taylor Sheldon, from Garmin, went down hard in one of the corners. It didn't look good, but the word is he’ll be okay.

Rob was ahead of the crash and finished 5th. I was somewhere in that group. After the last few days of subpar performances, it was good to race and contribute a bit today.

Tomorrow night features the Crit in downtown Bend. "Embrace the assh***," was Ben's advice. At least I think he was still talking about the race when he said that.

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