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Back on the road in Fitchburg
Friday, July 2, 2010 - Race Reports
We have a couple guys coming off the DL for this race. Kyle Wamsley, my roommate, is back after breaking his collar bone at Joe Martin. Then there's Frank Pipp who missed the whole first half of the year due to a knee injury.

I'm happy they're back. Yes, even while Frank was reminding us to pay attention since we don't have race radios. Welcome to the new NRC Frank.

So, today was stage 1 of Fitchburg. It’s the 24 lap, 75 miles, circuit race on the state college campus. It’s got a good climb each lap.

The race was pretty aggressive since there was no team to take the lead. I was in a bunch of short moves, but the best was with about 6 laps to go.

Ben and I were up there. It started with 7 guys but a bunch of people bridged up. It looked promising, but people were sitting and someone was chasing. We got caught with a lap to go. I put in another dig at the top of the climb and got away with 4 other guys.

I had no legs to keep that away but we hung on till about 500 meters, the bottom of the finishing climb. I’d never been part of a breakaway caught so close to the finish, so I guess it was still cool.

Anyway, pretty tired, kind of jet lagged, going to sleep... after I call my wife.

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