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The wind blows in
Thursday, April 29, 2010 - Race Reports
Stage 2 of Gila was defined by wind. It blew cross over the first climb, from every direction in the valley, block head on the last climb and a solid cross for the finish.

That's were Bissell made a move. The whole team lined it out on the front. It wasn't perfect and ended a bit early but it did cut the group to about 20 riders.

While we were chopping off Lance was sitting right behind us. As I was coming around I needed to get back in line. So I hesitated and then took him to the curb. It was't pretty as the cross wind was blowing hard, but it was definitely the highlight of the race for me. PM.com 2, LA 0.

Kyle Wamsley sprinted for 3rd and I was at the back of that first group. There were some time gaps all over but I don't think anyone knows what they were. The rumor is the finish camera screwed up and no results have been posted yet.

Tomorrow is the TT, 16 miles and it's hilly. Should also be windy. More good times for sure.

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Jim Allison
Friday, April 30, 2010, 4:44 am
Love the move to oust the BMOC but a fella has to join back with his team...