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Will you be my Valentine?
Sunday, February 14, 2010 - Tech
Today is that special day when you're supposed to show your shawdy you care. You know, flowers or a card, stuff you're too lazy to do any other day of the year.

So what do I have for you, my faithful blog readers? Well, a few small changes to the site that'll take your paulmach.com experience to the max. It's something I hope you'll appreciate not just today, but all year round.

First, all the pages are now loaded in a compressed format. Your browser will handle all the details, all you'll see is a faster loading page. I immediately noticed an improvement on my phone, so m.paulmach.com users rejoice.

Second, all the images are now hosted on a CDN. Basically, the images now get delivered from a server closer to you. People from other continents will see the biggest benefit. Don't say I never did anything for you Jono.

Okay, so you're still reading and you want to do something for me? Well, check out the Tour of California Stage 2 video featuring me and Cody Tapley. And if you really really want to do something for me, don't check out the Stage 3 video with BJM, he got a speaking part and I'm a bit upset about that.

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