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The Paul Mach Blog - Double digits baby, 33rd in TT
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Double digits baby, 33rd in TT
Friday, August 21, 2009 - Race Reports
A little Karma can go a long way. Yesterday Morgan saved a hummingbird and then Ben helped a stranded cyclist on our morning ride today. This evening Tom Zirbel surprised even himself with a win in the Tour of Utah stage 3 time trial.

It was a 9.1 mile course on and around the Miller Motor Speedway. The weather called for extreme heat but luckily they were wrong, it was very manageable.

I rolled it pretty conservatively in 18:10 and I got a little love from the announcer as I crossed the line. He said something about having a good early season and then getting Mono. Yeah, I didn't know I had Mono either, but it's a good excuse.

Overall, Bissell finally had a good day. Tom 1st, Jeremey 4th and Ben 6th. Tomorrow is the queen stage, we'll see if the legs come around for it.

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