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The Paul Mach Blog - Interview: BISSELL's Paul Mach, Part 2
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Interview: BISSELL's Paul Mach, Part 2
Monday, June 29, 2009 - Interviews
The number one question people ask me about the blog is when I'll continue that interview with BISSELL Pro Paul Mach. Well, the answer is right now. I finally caught up with him again last week, right after getting back from Nevada City.

PaulMach.com: You've had the chance to do a few races with Lance Armstrong, how were they?

Sweet Shades Paul Mach: I don't have the words to describe riding with the legend, but man do those sun glasses look just as funny in person as they do in the pictures.

PM.C: Do you feel any special connection to him since you're both professional cyclists and "Full time Cancer Fighters?"

PM: What? Lance ain't no Full time Cancer Fighter! More like...

PM.C: (mumbling) Here we go again...

PM: ...Part Time Cancer Tweeter. While he's in Aspen tweeting about dinner with his girlfriend and training with his buddies, the real "Cancer Fighters" are in the lab. We're actually working to solve the hard problems that will lead to successful cancer treatments in the future.

PM.C: That may be true but doesn't he somehow, if indirectly, help pay your salary?

PM: Which one, cycling or research?

PM.C: Well both actually. That gives me an idea, maybe we should get Lance to help with the UC budget deficit? Maybe create a new cancer research center or something.

PM: Yeah, but UCLA is already taken.

PM.C: Ha ha, that's funny. You're so funny Paul. One last question before I let you go, my BISSELL CleanAlong doesn't pick up dirt like it used to. Any recommendations?

PM: First, replace the bag and if that doesn't work disconnect the hose and check for clogs. I find a wooden broom handle works best for pushing clogs through. Also, I think the CleanAlong has HEPA filtration so make sure that filter is clean. I bet that's your problem right there.

That concludes our exclusive interview with Paul Mach of BISSELL Pro Cycling. We'll try to get you a part three real soon, but it's just so hard to get in touch with this busy guy.

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Chaz Michael Michael's Dad
Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 7:09 am
My real question for PM, or PM.C, is: What is everyone looking at in the photo header at the top of each page? Does that guy have a really big...um, you know, .... um,... "wooden broom handle". Everyone is staring at it and you look happy. And then the guy on the other side looks really happy and is staring at you- like you are helping "unclog" the "hose". It's kinda creepy