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It's Over Already?
Sunday, February 1, 2009 - General
Haven't updated in a couple days so I'll give you the round up.

Yesterday was media day. They swarmed all over the Smash Brothers and Zirbel, which was to be expected. I did talk to a couple people but it was clear they would only use my quotes if I said something funny. I tried my best.

A ride over to Howell Mountain followed because some of the guys wanted to check out the run in for Stage 1 of the Tour of Califonia.

Today featured an epic ride with an 8am start. We did the Skaggs Springs Loop for 200 km in 6.5 hours (read longest ride ever to cap off a big week).

Tomorrow I'm riding back to Davis. Then I'll pick up the wife and head back to Santa Rosa to get all my stuff.

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