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Friday, January 9, 2009 - General
A couple things have come to my attention recently.

First, now that it's the new year my contract requires me to ride a team bike. But I'm not worried because nothing says "Bad Ass" like riding around with tape over all 14 logos on your current ride.

I've also heard people questioning if this blog will ever return to its former glory. Cut me some slack people!

The lack of posts is due to my off season life being pretty much Research, Riding and the Wife. I'm not going to try the research posts again, just read the comments on the last ones. The "Check out this photo from my last 5 hour ride" posts get old really quick and I'm trying to keep the blog PG so I have to leave a lot of the wife stuff out.

All of this limits the choice of topics. But once the season gets rolling there will be plenty of cool race stuff to write about so you can be sure that this blog is "here to stay." Well, until I get bored or run out of money that is (funny my wife said something similar).

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