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She likes Bike Racing more when She's Drunk
Saturday, June 21, 2008 - Race Reports
A little late on the blogging, sorry about that. There has been limited Internet up here and I was super wasted after yesterday's ciruit race. Here is the low down on what happened on Thursday at the Mighty Mighty Tour de Nez.

The uphill time trial, Stage 2, was in the morning at Northstar. It was 2.75 miles with the first half up and the last half rolling. It should have been good for me.

I ended up 17th, 0.8 seconds behind Adam Switters. If ZteaM had given me a skin suit, it could have been the other way around. Ian MacCissik won with an 8:30, 45 seconds ahead of me.

Overall, I wasn't too happy with my ride because I felt like I rode it too conservatively. My head just wasn't in the game for some reason. My wife says it's because she wasn't there yet. I think I just got freaked out about the elevation and didn't want to explode.

The legendary Truckee crit was in the evening. My wife showed up via train and was ready to party. I had to hold her back as it was only 2pm and the race didn't start till 6:15.

There was a huge crowd and it was fun to race with so many tipsy spectators, including Sara. As I tend to not be very active during crits, I don't have much to say. It was just really really fast.

Roman Kilun, a former UC Davis rider, avid paulmach.com reader and pro, won the thing. He got in a late break and took it to the line. I was impressed as I was just trying to hang on the back.

Yesterday was the epic Northstar circuit race. I placed 9th and moved up to 9th on the GC. Many stories about that soon.

"Paul, you give in too easily.
You would make a terrible cop,
but make an excellent husband."
- My Wife

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