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Wednesday Worlds (Rated G)
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - General
Every great achievement pales in comparison to a win on the local Race Ride. All except winning the local Time Trial; it's like winning the race ride two times.

In Davis, Wednesday Worlds (old link) is always a big show and today was no exception. The Juniors were there, even though it wasn't on their training plan, but then left after their coach showed up. All the "good" guys were making sure everyone knew they weren't taking it seriously in case they got a slow time. And the masters prayed for Kelly to have a mechanical or something, so they wouldn't get girled.

Some local junior asked Phil if he wanted to use his 404 front. But Phil denied the honor with a sharp, "What are you, a Cat 2?!?" Needless to say it broke Alex's the kid's heart.

Afterwards, Nils showed up riding his bike! We chatted it up while Jesse was trying to justify yet another loss to me at one of the country's biggest events.

You know, all the typical Wednesday Worlds drama. I longed to be a part of it so I donned all the aero gear and rode 20:28, sending Phil to second place, where he belongs.

On a serious note, I hear that the local residents aren't too happy about our event. So remember, "There are plenty of good places to stand and the middle of the road isn't one of them."

Additionally, this blog has been Rated G by some novalty website so you can be assured that the content is Junior Race Team friendly. To compare, the Junior Blog was rated PG and the Masters Blog was rated R. Gasp. OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

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