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Sunday, February 17, 2008 - Race Reports
Okay, after two days of racing I'm sitting 6th in the GC, here is the recap.

The time trial was on Friday. Under cloudy skies, over a rolling course, I finished in 6th place. I felt like I put in a good effort so I was a little disappointed I was a whole 1:20 down. Tyler won and is obviously flying right now. Coming in, 5th place was the goal, but not by so much time. Oh well, there will be many more opportunities to dial in that skill.

As for the GC: Taylor in third, me in 6th and Chris in 12th. With three in the top 12 we are the strongest team here. That's a nice feeling.

Saturday was road race day. I played around like I always do during flat road races. I chased down some breaks and pulled some lame tactics for the KOM, which was more of a sprint. Throughout the whole race I felt like I had no top end. ME for an hour, no problem, going any harder didn't last very long. But that is okay for this time of year, early season racing is meant to build that kind of strength. Coming in to the finish the group was going really hard up the hill and it was all I could do to stay with them. I finished 15th. Taylor was 12th and Chris was 14th. Three in the top 15 isn't that bad.

There were some splits over the climb the last time and now we have three guys in the top nine on the GC. Taylor still third, me sixth and Chris moved up to ninth.

Today is the crit and I'm not a crit guy. Afterwards we're driving all the way back to Davis through the night. Yep, lots of fun.

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